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"Hiking Rocky Mountain National Park: The Pocket Guide was written to provide weekend hikers or those on a brief visit with the most accurate and up-to-date information. The goal of the guide is to help you have the most amazing wilderness experience possible. It informs and educates everyone, regardless of fitness level or goals, about what to expect, how to prepare and what to know in order to stay safe while also respecting this fragile environment. Whether you are looking for a gentle stroll with young children or planning to push your limits, this hiking book has it all. It guides you on 20 of the must see hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. It takes a unique approach and organizes the hikes by difficulty level rather than by geographical location. It begins with the easiest hike and progresses to the most difficult. The hikes are divided into four levels of difficulty which are color coded making the sections easy to find: Accessible, Easy, Moderate and Strenuous. This guide is written to provide you with everything you need to know such as how to prepare for your trip, how to be safe in the mountains, what to do if you encounter wildlife and what to expect on each hike. It’s filled with beautiful color maps, elevation graphs, detailed statistics and gorgeous photography. The easy to read commentary makes it feel like you are walking with a guide. With this book you’ll be fully prepared for your visit to Rocky Mountain National Park."